Work Package 1: Data Collection and Commensuration

Objective: This WP focus on the management of the data (satellite data, reference data, databases).

A) Definition of a repository system for data sharing in order to enable all the participants to access all the data concerning the project, including historical data archive

B) Collecting reference data through field campaigns (vegetation, soil, geology). Reference data will be collected at Hekla in 2015 and at Öræfajökull in 2016.

C) Acquisition of new LIDAR and hyperspectral data. LIDAR and hyperspectral data will be collected by NERC in 2015 in the Hekla area. In 2016 hyperspectral data will be collected using CECE’s equipment at the Öræfajökull area.

D) Pre-processing of the data, i.e., optical pre-processing, which includes atmospheric correction, geocoding and radiometric alignment, and radar pre-processing, which includes radiometric correction of topography and ortho-rectification.

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